Aroma Garden Divine Mask

Aroma Garden Divine Mask


Your skin has to face daily aggressions, most of the time related to pollution. It is important to give it a weekly purifying treatment to clear imperfections and regain a feeling of softness.

Divine Mask is a detoxifying mask intended to refine and smooth the skin's texture. With its pure gold, green clay of montmorillonite and carefully selected active ingredients, Divine Mask eliminates impurities and pollution residue.


The green clay, a very rich source of minerals and trace elements, purifies, remineralizes and tones your skin. The essential oil of bergamot, known for its astringent and purifying virtues, reinforces the effect of the clay. The essential oil of lavender clarifies the complexion and tones the skin while soothing it.

It is suitable for all skin types.


Made in Germany. 50mL.

Apply weekly to cleansed facial skin. After 10 to 20 minutes the mask can be removed with lukewarm water. Complete the care with Divine Moisturizer.