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Aroma Garden Divine Repair

Aroma Garden Divine Repair


Aroma Garden created Divine Repair to offer your face a true beauty treatment. This is a repair oil made up of more than 12 highly concentrated essential oils, which act in synergy with argan oil.


This precious elixir contains numerous active ingredients that hydrate, revive and soften the skin.


Argan oil is rich in essential fatty acids which restore the lipids of the epidermis and regenerate the skin cell. The combination of vitamins A and E work together to protect you against the aging effects on the skin. This elixir reduces slight skin damage, erases imperfections and supports the healing process of small lesions.


Made in Germany. 30mL.

Apply 3 drops on face as required. As a treatment once a week, apply generously at night. Can be used under makeup for a better complexion. Avoid the sensitive areas around the eyes. 

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