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Skin & Tonic London Detox Mask

Skin & Tonic London Detox Mask


A powerful clay mask with highly active green clay binds with impurities and soaks up excess oil to deeply cleanse pores.


Certified organic matcha tea is loaded with antioxidants, which help to protect against environmental damage, while lemon and basil oils soothe blemishes and brighten skin.


This mask is in powdered form (i.e. no water) which preserves the integrity and quality of the ingredients. 


Made in England. 50g.

Pour a tsp into the palm of your hand or a small dish. Add 2-3 drops of warm water and mix to make a paste. Massage onto clean, damp skin using gentle, circular movements. Remove with warm water. You can also add a tsp of honey and/or yogurt to the paste for an extra thick, hydrating mask. Use once a week to detox and brighten skin, or whenever your skin needs some TLC.

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