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Our Story

Flora’s Cottage is the dream-become-reality for natural herb lover Iva Sebestyan.

We believe in providing a welcoming place where our clients can gather. Come enjoy a relaxing facial in solitude or a playful skincare workshop with friends.


We know skincare issues can be complex and confusing but luckily we've spent a lifetime collecting herbs, formulating natural remedies and treating all kinds of sensitivities.

We love to share this passion with you through our retail shop which is full of small-batch, sourced-with-love certified organic skincare products. 

All my life I have had very sensitive skin. While nothing heals quickly, using all-natural, organic ingredients will bring improvements and you will feel better about your skin and yourself. 

It's so worth it to be patient and give yourself a chance to try!

Hi, I’m Iva Sebestyan

As a little girl, I had bad eczema on my hands. My parents tried everything but it was over a school break at my grandmom’s country house that I was shown some natural treatments. A neighbor recommended I use some of the herbs from my grandma’s big country garden to make a herbal bath. I soaked my hands twice a day and my grandma made a herbal cream which I applied every night. Slowly, the eczema disappeared and never came back.

That’s when everything started. A young girl and a firm believer in herbal remedies, I would collect and dry herbs of all kinds - the stems, leaves and blossoms - for therapeutical companies and thus began my career in natural skincare.

Through personal facial treatments, our skincare product shop or a group workshop experience is how we love to share our passion for organic & natural skincare with you. I hope you enjoy your experience at Flora’s Cottage as much as I enjoy creating it for you!

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