Our Story

Flora’s Cottage is the dream-become-reality for natural herb lover Iva Sebestyan.

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We believe in providing a welcoming place where our clients can gather. Come enjoy a relaxing facial in solitude or a playful skincare workshop with friends.

We know skincare issues can be complex and confusing but luckily we've spent a lifetime collecting herbs, formulating natural remedies and treating all kinds of sensitivities.

We love to share this passion with you through our retail shop which is full of small-batch, sourced-with-love certified organic skincare products. 

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All my life I have had very sensitive skin. While nothing heals quickly, using all-natural, organic ingredients will bring improvements and you will feel better about your skin and yourself. 

It's so worth it to be patient and give yourself a chance to try!

Hi, I’m Iva Sebestyan!

As a little girl, I had bad eczema on my hands. My parents tried everything but it was over a school break at my grandmom’s country house that I was shown some natural treatments. A neighbor recommended I use some of the herbs from my grandma’s big country garden to make a herbal bath. I soaked my hands twice a day and my grandma made a herbal cream which I applied every night. Slowly, the eczema disappeared and never came back.

That’s when everything started. A young girl and a firm believer in herbal remedies, I would collect and dry herbs of all kinds - the stems, leaves and blossoms - for therapeutical companies and thus began my career in natural skincare.

Our Facials

Purely hands-on, let your face be pampered with certified organic products and freshly prepared masks or exfoliants, custom made just for you from completely natural ingredients.

Our Products

We are proud to support small businesses who share the same passion as we do. Our organic certified skincare products are from France, England, Greece, Canada, Italy, Czechia, Latvia, Germany, Austria, Korea and more.

Our Workshops

Take your seat at our communal apothecary table. Sip on a glass of wine and chat with your workshop friends while playing with natural ingredients in a relaxed setting.

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